Often times I am asked to do a “theme room” and I usually decline.  Instead, I encourage clients to consider a room that has an influence rather than a theme.

If a room is “over designed” with a theme, it is a room you will most likely outgrow or tire of quickly.  I prefer a room with a nod towards a particular style or collection.  I refer to it is as an” influenced room”.  These rooms are not over designed.  They incorporate collections or memorabilia that best represent the client.

I feel that where you live and how the spaces are designed should feel appropriate to the architecture and it’s setting as well as the local cultures while honoring your lifestyle. Your experiences and life can be honored in a room by simply using treasures you have acquired through the years.

I find that the influenced room provides more interest and reveals a sense of mystery and imagination that a theme room would flat out identify.



Top Five quick ways to create a tasteful influenced room:

Wallpaper or maps of places you have traveled or would like to visit

Artwork from travels or a particular beloved artist

Lighting that interests you or is made from a repurposed material

Textiles and rugs from travels or handcrafted specifically for you

Collections and memorabilia from your life and loved ones



photo credit: martynlawrencebullard.com