Lately, I’ve been experiencing a complete “bog down” of stuff.  Personal junk I keep hanging onto that I don’t use, I don’t look at, or even open or wear. It’s ridiculous, really!  Have you ever heard the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”?

Well, I have lots of treasures for some other somebody that’s for sure.

I suppose I should “practice what I preach” when I begin working with new clients.

If you follow just three out of the five tips, I promise it will make your decorating decisions a lot easier.

Top 5 Things to consider when personalizing your spaces

  1. Live with things you love

If you love the color or the way it feels or the way it fits your personality or where you acquired it, by all means keep it!  Oddly enough, most of us are attracted to things that are similar or share a commonality or compatibility that makes them all work well together in a space.  So, don’t over think it!

  1. Embrace living well and how you actually live

We are all creatures of habit and so be it.  If you walk in the front door and put your keys in that glass bowl so you can find them later, great!  Role with it and make sure you have the items that “work “ for you and how you live.

  1. Purchase the best you can afford at the best value

Value is so important when purchasing anything.  Meaning, the quality justifies the price.  Anything you purchase should be of good value.  For example, I always encourage clients to purchase the best sofa they can afford because of its high use and its high visibility in a room.

  1. Contribute something to every space that brings you joy

It’s your space, be happy in it!  Whether it’s a gorgeous glass tile, a vivid wall color, or a fabulous rug, if it makes you feel good and brings you that little bit of sunshine, then its right for you!

  1. Enjoy the process and evolution of your spaces

Continue to expand on your space as you grow and experience life.  After all, this is a space for you (and your family/ friends) to use and enjoy. Find pleasure in making it so.  What a great gift to you and them!



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