This is my first blog entry. It is my first impression on you just as if it were the first room in my home.  The entryway is the room that welcomes you, houses your coat, your keys, your purse, and even your shoes if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

It is the single most important room for giving you the biggest first introduction while often times being one of the smallest of rooms in the house.  The entryway sets the tone or feeling.  It is the sneak peak of what’s to come.

That’s precisely what I want to do now. I want to welcome you with my first blog entry on all things design.  A blog that I hope captivates your interest, provides you with tips and tricks of the trade, and continues to be the voice of expertise and experience you can count on while remodeling, decorating, or building your dream home.

As a sneak peak, I plan to share helpful information on a range of topics and products that I have encountered while in my twenty plus years of experience in the interior design industry.  I will write about all things design , lifestyles, and simply living well.

My inspiration and potential topics will be based on problems, successes, and even simple little questions clients, family, or friends might ask.  It will also include some of the latest trends and inspirations as well as upcoming events and products to check out.

It will be fun! And, if you gain some little nugget of info, consider it my gift to you.

So, welcome! I hope you sign up for my newsletter, shop my website, and simply visit again soon. And don’t worry, I won’t ask you to take your shoes off.



So what are the top 3 things I think every entryway should have?

  1. A surface for placing keys or other items you might need to off load.
  2. A mirror which helps makes the space look larger and allows yourself a quick glance before answering the door.
  3. A place to hang coats and hats.  This could be hooks on the wall or a coat tree or even a larger armoire if you do not have a coat closet.

Oh and, don’t forget to add something interesting…a paint color, wallpaper, chandelier, or rug to soften the space and truly welcome your guests……’s your choice!


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