I chose the interiors industry because I personally believe that when your surroundings are beautiful and functional your life is much easier and more enjoyable.  And, it helps that I am energized, inspired, and completely passionate about all things design.

As a young girl in rural Arkansas, I would observe my mother and her best friend, Miss Peggy, take stab after stab at re-arranging the furniture, re-hanging the pictures, and re-accessorizing the curio cabinet shelves.

Believe it or not, this had a huge impact on me. I wondered how I might help. How would I re-arrange things or what would I add?  This process has influenced me in decorating and in entertaining throughout my life.  Miss Peggy was quite talented and could pull it all together. My mother struggled.  So, as I got older I would just do all the decorating for her.  Even now, my mom and Miss Peggy take great pride in their homes, just as most southern women do.

Today’s image of the day highlights one of my favorite southern designers, Suzanne Kasler, of Atlanta, Georgia.


Photography credit: suzannekasler.com