I am currently working on some extremely interesting interiors projects.   A few require custom light fixtures while another requires restoration of some antique and vintage fixtures.  Light fixtures can truly be the jewelry in the room and we all know how I love jewelry!

As I continue to work on these projects, I find myself completely obsessed with the chains on which the light fixtures hang.  This is causing a “chain reaction” of decisions because of my reaction to the chain.  A light fixture’s beauty can be completely transformed or simply enhanced by the chain.  Whether ornate or more architectural, the chain makes all the difference.

Antique lantern with decorative chain

When choosing the links of the chain, I consider not only the style, but also the scale of the fixture.  Likewise, the chain must relate to the canopy where the fixture mounts to the ceiling.  I will often use a ceiling medallion to enhance the canopy or even contrast the fixture in order to create a more interesting experience.  With or without a ceiling medallion, I’m still on the chain gang!  See some of my favorites in the image below from bloominglites.com.




chain options

photo credits: image 1//nahodilis.com // image 2: eloquenceinc.com // image 3: bloominglites.com