Urban dwellings are often small.  The conveniences of living in the city are challenged by the lack of space.  Recently, I have been engaged to work on some of these small spaces.

In both situations, the clients are requesting that I make the spaces look larger.  With this challenge, I am proposing the use of mirrors and/or mirrored tiles on the walls and clear acrylic in the furnishings.

The mirror reflects the space while the acrylic allows your eye to pass through the space.  These distinctive surfaces are definitely my best trick.  A sense of the whole smoke and mirrors illusion!  Light, airy tables and chairs will be integrated with appropriately scaled upholstery and mirror backdrops.  I think it will make for the perfect combination.

One of my favorite design classics of our day is Phillipe Starck’s, Louis Ghost Chair.  This chair, appropriately named, has so much versatility.  I will be proposing it as a dining chair option for one project and a desk chair option for the other.

Phillipe Starcke Ghost Chair


In my Dixie Stark Collection, I feature a collage of acrylic tables.  These have been great options for several urban dwellings in the past.  Who knows, they just might land again in one of these new projects.  Stay tuned!