The flexibility of using pendants at a bath vanity is undeniable.  I opt to use pendants when there is an ample amount of vanity space, but mostly when we are space challenged.  By just dropping in a few pendants, you can expand the mirror size or shrink it depending on the aesthetic and overall function of the room.

I particularly like to shrink the mirror and flank it with two pendants in powder rooms.  It creates a sense of drama.  In master suites or other large baths, I like to expand the mirror and use pendants.  These can be appropriately placed to provide ample lighting to shave or apply make up.

Large mirror with pendants


Choosing pendants over wall sconces is a unconventional approach that enhances the overall experience of using the vanity.  This is why so many times,  I default to the “drop it” method when trying to determine vanity lighting.



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