When my husband has a free evening, we refer to it as his “hall pass”, but what I am referring to today is the experience in your home.  Walking thru the hall on the way to another room in your house should feel intimate.  After all, the hallway is usually the one of the most narrow of spaces in most homes.


Beyond just hanging artwork or a plethora of family photos, here are my top three ways to quickly create an intimate experience:

  • Incorporate hanging light fixtures or wall sconces.  This creates a sense of ambient or mood lighting in addition to creating interest.
  • Add a rug or runner.  A floor textile will not only absorb the echoes, but will give color and pattern to your path.
  • Install textured wall covering.  I usually prefer textures like grasscloths over strong patterns that could trick your eye, but either works.




photo credits: image 1 and 2: House and Garden.UK