As we transition our wardrobes in to fall, we transition our homes as well. The changing of the seasons is one of the biggest pleasures in life.  Every year, I savor it.

I must admit the change from the hot summer sun to the cool autumn air is my most favorite time of the year.  I love the Indian summers of September where the sunsets cast the most beautiful ray of colors.  I sometimes can’t believe those colors exist in nature.  I relish in the cool breeze of fall and sounds of the rustling leaves on the trees.

To me, it almost seems like a fresh start… begins for the kiddies and my business really ramps up for the holidays.  We all begin to nest for the winter, but not until we enjoy harvest time.  Beyond the change of the air or the food in our gardens, we change our wardrobes and our interiors.

Our linens and cottons are now wools and cashmeres.  Because everyone in the south knows we don’t wear white after Labor Day!  Our stripes are plaids.  Our  cotton slipcovered furniture is now stripped in favor of a cozy blanket or throw.

Here’s to the beginning of a new season!



photo credit: image 1//popcandy