The latest mobile operating system release by Apple, iOS9, included a new app called, ‘News’.  This is a great way to keep up on your favorite blogs without having to open up your browser.

The Dixie Stark blog was one of the launch content sites for this newly released app which means you can follow the blog on any of your iPhones or iPads running the iOS9 operating system.  I’m hoping this simple instruction will get you closer to making the Dixie Stark blog one of you favorites.

After you’ve gone through the initial setup of  the “News” app, click  search  at the bottom of the screen and type in Dixie Stark in the search bar at the top of the device. When the search runs, you should see Dixie Stark at the top of the “TOP HIT” list of channels.  If you tap on the  favorites button on the bottom, the Dixie Stark blog be added to your favorites.





Next time, just go to your “favorites” on the bottom menu, then simply click on the Dixie Stark news feed.

Now, enjoy!