Most of the time, I specify the tile grout color to blend with the tile.  This ensures that the overall color of the tile is what your eye reads when it encounters the material.  It is almost always the safest design solution.  However, making the grout color “shout” by selecting a contrasting color has been on trend for a couple of years and I like it!  Clients like it too.  It is an especially popular choice when the grout is darker as it tends to be a bit easier to keep clean particularly in high use areas like showers, entry floors, and cooktop backsplashes.

This little grout color technique is not for all projects, but also helps when a project is constrained by budget.  A rather basic white tile can become instantly interesting with a contrasting darker grout.  When other elements in the space such as hardware or wall color coordinate, the overall outcome can be quite dramatic.  Likewise, the use of a lighter grout when a darker tile is installed gives you, again, that “shout” of drama and creates that added interest even with a conventional tile choice.

black tile with white grout

Of course, pattern lay out and a good installer weigh heavy into the overall impact of any tile installation, but if you are looking for a little spark, the grout just might be the answer.


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