What inspires you?  Is it a person, a place, a thing?  Is it nature or architecture?  Is it a color, or a shade, or a shadow?

This past week end, I watched the documentary film on Iris Apfel.  Iris was an interior designer, a textile business woman (Old World Weavers), and today, an international fashion icon.  Oh, her jewelry!

I know for a fact that Iris has inspired many interior designers and fashion designers throughout the years including myself, but after watching the film, I became inspired all over again in a different way.  Iris and her husband, Carl, lived an amazing life together.  Sadly, he passed away in August.  He, too, was such a source of inspiration.

Here is a direct link to order from Amazon. I highly recommend it.

Iris movie

I can never really pinpoint when or what will inspire me next, but feeling inspired is one of the best feelings in the world!  Thank you, Iris.