I think an ombré effect is one of the most beautiful and interesting uses of color.

Ombré describes the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. The technique is commonly seen as a surface treatment in fashion and art.

I am particularly fond of using this technique in textiles as seen in the images below, in which the color graduates through a more blended approach.  However, the ombré technique can also be quite interesting when utilizing bands or large stripes of graduating color.  I chose three bands of glass tile when designing the lay out for the large tub/ shower room shown in the image above.


David Collins ombre window treatments green


David Collins, the legendary designer out of London, was one of the best at using the ombré effect.  Several of his projects incorporated ombré textiles as window treatments and other soft goods.

David Collins blue ombre

By maintaining a relatively monochromatic scheme, he always accomplished the perfect balance of subtle transition in color.

Oh ombré!


photo credits: image 2 and 3//davidcollins.com