Sometimes on Halloween I like to just snuggle up and not answer the door, eat some yummy stew, and watch a movie.  This would be the perfect time to escape to a retreat home.  I have many clients who own retreat homes and I have worked on many of them throughout the years.  Although I may have worked with the same clients before on their primary residences, their retreat homes are definitely different.

Retreat homes have a completely different purpose. To gather, retreat, and enjoy!  These homes are intimately connected to the setting and the seasons. They are typically relaxed, casual, and welcoming with durable, indigenous material choices. The activities that surround the retreat homes usually influence the needs for storage and living spaces while the views usually influence the architecture through appropriate window placement and lay out.  Because these homes accommodate a lot of guests, there are usually a lot of sleeping areas to consider including bunk rooms.

Retreat homes are fun to design and are even more fun when used! What a “re-treat”!