This past week I had the privilege be one of three designers reviewing the portfolios of some local interior design students.  This was their “Student Career Day” in which the students share their portfolios, talk to professionals, and tour the Seattle Design Center as a part of the education process.

I am the “black sheep” of my family given that I was the only one that did not become an educator of some sort.  I have three aunts that were all teachers, my mother was a teacher and later an education consultant, my dad was a history teacher, principal, and coach while my brother is still in education serving as a dean at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

With that said, I find that I actually love teaching and especially mentoring.  I encourage anyone that has many years of experience in a particular field to give back thru mentoring.  The is so incredibly important to the students and I like the idea of sharing what you know to help a student be successful.

Every time I review a portfolio or speak to a group of students, I find it so rewarding.  I am always enthusiastic to share my experience, but more importantly, I am energized by the talent and potential that exists in the students.  They are our future!


Photo credit: Seattle: Peter Miller Architecture