Yes, I am one of those.  I am the one who could skip over Thanksgiving and head straight to Christmas!  This makes my husband especially frustrated, but Thanksgiving has never been the same for me since my mamaw passed away many years ago.

However, I am thankful for Thanksgiving because this one single holiday helps in design decisions more than any other.  I can not begin to count how many times the dining table decision was based on how far it would extend for Thanksgiving or how large the oven needed to be to accommodate a turkey and the fixin’s at Thanksgiving.

We design our homes to fulfill those needs most important to us and our families. The gathering of friends and family at Thanksgiving is one of those needs.  If it were not for this special time of the year, dining rooms in particular might present less challenges, but it is the challenges that make my profession and I embrace them.

For personal and professional reasons, I give thanks for Thanksgiving!



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