In all honesty, one of the most challenging tasks of an installation is coordinating and organizing the delivery.   This means having a good receiver of the product and a good delivery service.  Many times this is the same company, but in any case this is critical to the success of the project.

It is important that product is received in good condition, and delivered in the same condition.  Most likely these items are large and expensive so they require extra care when handling and transporting.  Not every company will have these capabilities, but here are a few tips (if not using a designer) when arranging the delivery:

  • Hire a company with insurance in the event any product gets damaged while in their care.
  • Ask for the driver’s mobile number in case of any changes to the time or otherwise.
  • Confirm there will be a minimum of two delivery men on the truck even if your product is small.
  • Ask that the truck be loaded with tools and blankets to protect and assemble any furniture or make any adjustments while on site.

And remember, a tip is the “right move” when the guys do a nice job!


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