Designing spaces that will also accommodate  furry family members is definitely an added consideration.  Upholstery should be cleanable and durable if your pets are allowed, or often help themselves to a comfy sit on your sofa or chair.

I guide clients to make upholstery and flooring decisions based on their own use, but also the use of their kids and pets.  In the long run, it eases the stress for all family members – even the furry ones!

Specialty leather and synthetic leather has always been good a upholstery option when considering high traffic.  Recently, I discovered Keleen Leathers through one of my favorite local reps.  This is a company that produces  specialty leathers specifically geared for high traffic, kids, pets and beyond.  They also give back through their Paws Project.  See below or go to to learn more.

I love this and I will definitely look to this resource when designing my next high traffic spaces.


Keleen Leathers paws Project