For Holiday decor, I am often asked how to bring in the old with the new, or how to add sparkle with the rustic.  While I definitely respect the family traditions of the holidays,  I also want to embrace the latest holiday trends as well.  Finding that “holiday blend” can be a bit tricky.  So…… here are a few of my own secrets to bringing the magic of the season altogether.

A little bit of sparkle goes a long way.  Adding a small dose of glitter to some items plucked from nature can give you the blend.  (Example: glitter encrusted pine cones)

Traditional vintage ornaments or handmade ornaments can also be put in a separate location from the tree for better visibility.  (Example: a small display on the mantle or dining table)

Forcing a red and green scheme may not be the answer for your holiday blend.  Instead, opt for a color that is opposite on the color wheel from your home interiors.    (Example: copper is a great accent for blue)

As another option, use the same hue as your current interiors, but perhaps a few different shades of that same color so you can achieve that layered monochromatic look. (Example: white, ivory, and cream as seen below)

And last but not least, when you decorate for the holidays consider taking some of your existing accessories away and replacing them with the holiday ones.  If you fail to edit before adding in the holiday blend, it could appear cluttered and overdone.  Remember, their is beauty in simplicity!

Happy Holidays,



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