Pantone is know for its “color of the year” that forecasts the trends in fashion, floral, interiors and a whole plethora of products.  This is the first year they have chosen to select two colors.  When I first read about the two colors, I was hesitant, not only because of the color choice, but the idea of a two-for-one designation they call a “blend”.  This year, the two colors selected are, serenity and rose quartz.


So, this past week I found myself actually witnessing the new Pantone color selections popping up in targeted marketing to folks like me.  Have you noticed?  Above is a glimpse at glassybaby and how they have embraced the colors.  I must admit I am crazy for the new J.crew rose quartz colored sunglasses and the serenity colored blouse paired with a camel sweater….brilliant!  I am definitely influenced and I have a new perspective on their two-for-one designation.





photo credit: image 1: from my own desk! //  image 2: