Anyone that knows me well knows that I love jewelry.  Scouring flea markets, antique malls, estate sales, and the occasional thrift store has been a favorite past time for me for many years.  It is not uncommon for me to go off track in the antique shop looking over jewelry displays when I am supposed to be researching and shopping for my own projects!  Nevertheless, jewelry brings me much joy and inspiration.  I am forever curious about the age and materials of a piece.  I wonder, who made this?  And where?  What was it’s purpose?  I wonder if it was a gift or was a purchase for a special occasion.

Recently, my dear friend, Celeste Parker Vereen, launched Frippery and Gemcrack a carefully curated collection of vintage and antique jewelry.  All pieces are one of a kind and all pieces vary in style and era.  I have never seen such an interesting and compelling collection as this.  These pieces are all unique, however, they can masterfully blend with more contemporary pieces as well. (My favorite way to wear them!)


Technically an item must be 25 years old to be considered vintage while one must be 100 years old to be considered an antique. This is true not only in jewelry but, furniture and other collectibles.  Frippery and Gemcrack focuses on fabulous finds from the 1880’s thru the 1960’s.  Most of the pieces are sold thru private appointment, trunk shows, and in-home soirees where one can try on and learn more about each piece and how to style them for today’s fashion.

Celeste travels the country hosting her private showings and rumor has it she will be in Arkansas, Texas, Louisianna, California and the Pacific Northwest this year.  Shoot me an email should you be interested in getting on the guest list for Seattle or Portland.  And stay tuned for further dates and information.  It is a definite must see!