Of course, I relate interiors to fashion.  Many of my clients have heard me refer to hardware, in particular, cabinet hardware,  as the jewelry of the home.  I often explain that the cabinetry is the basic wardrobe or outfit and it simply needs jewelry to complete it.  The hardware is primarily functional, but it can also be a real asset to the room’s design aesthetic at large.

Just as in fashion jewelry, hardware can come in a variety of metals and finishes as well as stone, glass, wood, acrylic even leather.  Sometimes all a room might need is a jewelry make over.  The quick fix to switch out the knobs and pulls on cabinetry still stands true in creating an impactful change.

Other hardware items like coat hooks and bath accessories for towels and robes can also fall into the jewelry for the home category.  Like cabinet hardware, these pieces can be as tailored or whimsical as one desires.




photo credit: image 1: alicelanehome.com