I am not talking about the comic book character, the transformer, rather the underrated lampshade.

I was recently preparing for an install of a few new pieces of furniture that were going to blend in with some of the client’s existing pieces.  Among those existing items was a nice metal floor lamp and a lovely pair of table lamps.  My first reaction was to  “transform” all three of them into something a bit more contemporary.  To me, they were in desperate need of an update to a fresh new look.  A new lampshade was just the answer.  Indeed, that is all they needed and wow did it make a huge difference!

Lampshades can be as tailored or as elaborate as one might desire.  Today’s lampshade is most commonly made from fabric, but do not overlook the paper and wood veneer options that our now popping up in the market place.  Check out these feather options.  They’re a hoot!

feather lampshades



Photo credits: image 1: thedesignerpad.com // image 2: hautelook.com