As I am working on my own projects and searching for new fashion tips for spring, I am realizing this white on white trend is going nowhere fast.  The use of white layered with even more white is here to stay…at least for the near future.

I must say, I am not disappointed, but delighted.  Experts in both the interiors and fashion industries recommend a variety of shades and lush textures of this pure palette to keep it interesting yet fresh.  I have personally been a fan of white for quite some time.  I recall an article I read many years ago where New York based Interior Designer, Victoria Hagan, stated, “White is the great unifier, when decorating your home, it can be as warm or as cool as you like.  It’s like water – an essential.”

If you currently have a white color palette in your home or wardrobe, it’s okay to add more.  If you find in your own home you don’t have any white, introduce it!  Fresh floral, linens, lampshades, pillows, and accessories can make a big impact.


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