Many of my clients wrestle with the choice to reupholster existing pieces of furniture or opt to purchase new.

When clients are moving into a different home, more often than not, we opt to purchase new as the scale and style will not always translate.  However, if a client is staying in their same location and just desires a refresher of sorts then we strongly consider reupholstery as a favorable option.

To help diminish the wrestling, I ask clients to consider these factors in deciding to reupholster anything:

  • If the quality is really nice, and  the quality is as-good or better then you could purchase for the price of the reupholstering.
  • If the shape is unique or has a vintage appeal that you desire.
  • If the piece is sentimental; perhaps an heirloom from family.
  • If the construction can endure reupholstering.  Example:  It would not damage the frame, finish, or carving to remove and replace the fabric.
  • If the piece, particularly larger, fits your space plan well.

It is always important to get a quote for the labor and the amount of yardage required from the upholsterer who will be doing the work.  It is also helpful to discuss the other factors like replacement of fill in the cushions or details like welt or nailhead trim.  These choices will way in on the decision as this may alter the labor price.  Gathering all of this information and considering the factors above in advance will make the wrestling with reupholstery decision a breeze!


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