I am a bit old school in so many ways even though I am constantly pushing myself to stay technology savy.  I prefer a catalog to the internet while researching products for clients.  I delight in a handwritten note over an email.  I always look to pen and paper first for conceptual design.  I take calligraphy classes. I often send printed photos to my family in the mail.  And, I still enjoy thumbing thru a good magazine or design book whenever I have down time.

Last week, while grabbing a salad for lunch in Whole Foods, I stumbled onto the most amazing publication in the check out line….Lucia. When it caught my eye, I immediately snatched it up and purchased it without hesitation.  Unfortunately, it was issue number two, which meant I missed one. ( Maybe I will get lucky and find the first issue thru some unknown channel.)

The Lucia journal exuded serenity and calm.  A sense of being in the moment and taking time to enjoy, reflect, and discover all in one simple issue.

I’m addicted to beautiful paper, words, and images.  They inspire me.  That’s why I felt like the cat that swallowed the canary when I found this little oasis of beauty on the news stand.