In the past when I have interviewed potential employees I have asked, “Are you a dog or a cat person?”  Of course, there was never a wrong answer.  I love all furry four leggers, but I have always had an office dog or two and I wanted to make sure any potential new hire would be okay with that working situation.

Because I have dogs, I know just what to do for designing interiors with dog family members.  Ironically, I have designed more extensively for cats throughout my career.  Some of my many tasks have included heated cat beds, hidden liter boxes, cat doors, and custom scratching posts.  Most recently as a part of a new project, I was asked to work on a “catio”.  A catio is a patio for cats that is securely enclosed with all the fun things a cat would ever want or need.  A catio supplies the cat the with scratching posts and perfect perches for enjoying nature.  I love this concept …what cat does not deserve their own palace?



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