My eye has noticed a shift to blue. Mostly that dark rich version that some refer to as navy or indigo. I am seeing it in interiors, clothing, jewelry, cars, and as well as home exteriors.

On a recent trip to Chicago, I noticed store windows with loads of product in this rich hue paired with whites and an occasional pop of orange. It was the perfect inspiration for a new project.

With my curiosity peaked, I made a point to hit the latest exhibit, “Mood Indigo” at the Seattle Asian Art Museum.  It was a great tribute to the indigo plant and its influence on textiles throughout centuries and around the world.  Dried indigo plants adorned the entrance to the exhibit and amazing textiles from all walks of life hung from the walls to depict the many uses of this rich soulful color.

I am sold! It puts me in a great mood!



photo credit: D.A. Stark