My friend, Dawn, always says, “Go Big or Go Home”!

It so reminds me of a researching excursion this week of large format tile for a current modern interiors project.

The trend has been porcelain tile that resembles a hardwood visual.  The planks range in sizes of 4”  or more wide to as long as 36” on average.  It has been a nice solution to warm up a space with the convenience of not worrying about water.  Porcelain is very durable.   This being most important in the Pacific Northwest this season in which rain has plagued us most of the winter and spring so far. UGH!

Now, the hot trend is large format tile patterns resembling natural stone or  simple textured solids.  The design possibilities seem endless.  These most recent findings were as large as 24” x 48”.   This is perfect for that modern or contemporary interior that needs a clean palette and a subtly bold statement at the same time.

Note of caution: to lay these tiles, the floor or wall should be in good condition, sloped gradually or not at all.  Larger scale tile can crack over time if the slope is too steep or the substrate is not solid.

Currently, this is great solution for what I am working on and I am thrilled to go big!



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